* We have two beautiful lakes at Spring Grange. Both are well established, well stocked and provide the right challenge for anglers of all abilities.

The setting is in a beautiful, rural area of Leicestershire in the East Midlands.

The carp lake was dug in 1991, and is 8ft deep at the end furthest from the road. There are 18 numbered pegs all of which have unique features and challenges.

The Coarse Lake was dug in 1978 to act as a reservoir for the local 'pick your own' strawberry field.

This lake is 17ft deep and rumours abound as to the size of the carp that lurk in its depths. We know there is at least one 15 pounder. There are 17 numbered pegs plus one extra peg by the inlet sluice.

Spring Grange Carp Lake
Spring Grange Fisheries Carp Lake
 Carp Lake Stock  
- Common to 27lbs - Leatherback to 24lbs
- Koi to 11lbs - Crucan to 3lbs
- Grass to 9lbs - Ghost to 3lbs
- Mirror to 20lbs - Tench to 2lbs
Spring Grange Coarse Lake
Spring Grange Fisheries Coarse Lake
 Coarse Lake Stock  
- Carp to 15lbs - Perch to 3lbs
- Roach to 2lbs - Plus Rudd - Gudgeon - Tench
- Tench to 4lbs